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Assessment Center

What is an Assessment Center

An Assessment Center is a comprehensive and systematic procedure to help organizations shortlist and select candidates suitable to perform specific/particular roles in the organization. Their compatibility is judged through a systematic testing using variety of exercises and activities. It is designed to resemble actual challenges that will be found in the job and has widely been used as means of employees’ selection, promotion and development.

Basic purpose of CMD’s Assessment Center

  • Provide a selection and evaluation method for current and future management positions
  • Identify leadership potential in employees for organizations key position
  • Identify the aptitude of potential and existing employees with respect to the job position
  • Provide organizational development services
  • Deliver a comprehensive personality assessment system

How to do it

  • An assessment activity will usually run from half a day to an entire day or more, depending upon the nature and breadth of attributes being assessed
  • It will involve numerous assessment methods and tools
  • This is usually the final or penultimate stage used by companies in the recruitment process
  • Assessors will be looking at how you react and perform In-Vivo

Why organizations seek the help of our Assessment Center

Many employers consider assessment centers to be one of the most effective selection methods as they are designed to see what one can do, rather than what one say he/she can do, in a variety of situations. Each exercise is designed to assess a clearly defined set of competencies including technical knowledge, leadership, creativity, flexibility and so on (the competencies used will vary with each job).

Our Assessment Techniques

  • Psychometric tests
  • Group discussions
  • Fact finding exercises
  • Team exercises
  • Case studies
  • Interviews
  • Role play
  • In-tray/E-tray
  • Exercises
  • Presentation
  • 360 feed backs

Skills Assessment Areas

Intellectual skills and qualities

  • strategic perspective
  • analysis and judgment
  • planning and organizing
  • creativity

Interpersonal skills and qualities

  • leadership
  • influencing
  • negotiation
  • assertiveness
  • communication
  • self-awareness
  • team work


  • versatility
  • resilience
  • flexibility

Results orientation

  • energy
  • initiative
  • motivation to achieve
  • decision making
  • commercial awareness

Benefits for Organization

  • Change in managers attitudes towards staff and organizational influence on staff.
  • Knowledge about training needs.
  • A well-run assessment center sends a positive message to the candidates about the organization’s commitment to the people or employees.

Benefits for Candidate

  • It helps in promotion and benefits of staff
  • Candidates get a range of opportunities to demonstrate their skills rather than just depending heavily on their interview performance.
  • Realistic exercises and situations help them to understand the demand of the job in a better way
  • They get a chance to see organization in action for example having tours, get a chance to see the organizational culture closely, meeting line managers. It is a kind of informal orientation of the company.
  • They will benefit from receiving powerful feedbacks about their performance.

Benefits for Line Manager

  • Awareness of personal management task.
  • Transparency of appraisal criteria.
  • Development of ability in giving feedback.

The most important feature of the assessment center method is that it relates not to current job performance, but to future performance. In addition to improved accuracy in diagnosis and selection, the organization that uses an assessment center enjoys a number of indirect benefits. Candidates accept the fairness and accuracy of promotion decisions more readily and have a better understanding of job requirements.

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