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Center for Management Development

Our Vision
To transform individuals, organizations and societies, making the world a better place to live for oncoming generations

Our Mission
To help our clients and ultimately our nation, as individuals and organizations, discover, develop and maximize their potential, leading towards infinite possibilities of achievement and success

Our Core Values

» Integrity
We will maintain a high level of integrity, honesty and truthfulness at all times as individuals and as an organization
» Passion
We will develop passion in aligning ourselves with and delivering CMD's purpose and vision.
» Team Work
We will work as a team with mutual trust and respect as our guidelines
» Empowerment
We will empower team members through learning, encouraging innovation and risk-taking with a sense of accountability.
» Excellence in Performance
We will at all times strive for a high level of performance, encouraging creativity and innovation at all levels.
» Professionalism
We will develop and sustain a high sense of ownership amongst our team as well as clients, while being result oriented and customer focused.
» Facilitator Selection Board

Center for Management Development (CMD) was established in 2002 with the vision to bridge the gap between the academia and corporate sector. CMD has come a long way since then. For more than 10 years, CMD has served the national and international clients by working in line with its vision of "Learning" and mission of "Leading."

Keeping in view the continuous growth of CMD and the interest shown by facilitators to join its platform, CMD has established a Facilitator Selection Board that comprises of seasoned facilitators, key persons from the HR/OD field and subject experts. The board meets on need basis and evaluates and selects new facilitators who are interested in working from the platform of CMD.

For evaluation purposes, a minimum of two external and 3 internal evaluators should be present. A subject expert is also required, if not present amongst the required minimum number of evaluators.

Following are the board members names and their organization/sector:

Internal Members Organization
Waqar Ahmed (Chairman) Center for Management Development
Mobin ul Haque (Secretary) University of Management & Technology
Naveda Kitchlew University of Management & Technology
Naveed Yazdani University of Management & Technology
Ahmad Abdullah University of Management & Technology
Subject Expert University of Management & Technology
External Members Sector
Muhammad Naeem Public Sector
Aizaz Ahmad Public Sector
Ali Kamran Corporate Sector
Farida Bano Corporate Sector
Asif Bhatti Social Sector
Hina Kamal Social Sector
Subject Expert From the required sector

» Code of Conduct for CMD Trainers
A. Ethical Obligations

I shall:
  1. Adhere to Islamic/religious values and norms.
  2. Safeguard and promote national interest.
  3. Act at all times in a manner that brings honor and prestige to CMD and the profession.
  4. Adhere to copyright laws. I shall not present material produced by other trainers or training programs without first obtaining written permission and/ or acknowledge the source of information.
  5. Will remain current in my profession by actively pursuing opportunities to continue my own professional development.
  6. Learn about and demonstrate awareness of and appreciation for religious values, cultural differences and social diversity, particularly as they are present in the organizations, and shall draw on diversity as a resource in instruction.
  7. Treat all training participants with fairness and respect and will not discriminate against anyone for any reason. I will present information that is respectful and inclusive of diverse cultures.
  8. Present myself professionally, in dress and behavior.
  9. Ensure equitable and unbiased access to learning in the training room.
  10. Value and acknowledge the contributions made by other team members in meeting the goals.
  11. Through concrete actions, harness the capacity of every individual participant to learn.
  12. Not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, political or religious beliefs, family / social / cultural background by excluding any participant from participation in any activity.
  13. Not misuse the training freedom for humiliation, intimidation and / or sexually harassing the participants, fellow colleagues, and subordinates overtly and / or subtly.

B. Professional Obligations

I shall:

  1. Maintain active status with CMD by renewing my registry file ever year.
  2. Be honest, faithful, just, and shall not act in a manner derogatory to the honor, integrity, and dignity of the training profession.
  3. Submit my training folder material and equipment request at least four working days prior to the training execution date. Will ensure that the information contained is complete, true, accurate and reflective of the information I will provide.
  4. Cover the content that was approved, exactly as submitted on the training content proposal.
  5. Report any changes to the scheduled approved training, prior to the scheduled event. Changes include but are not limited to cancellations, changes in dates, times or locations. I will report any unexpected changes that occur during the training on the next business day. Unexpected changes include but are not limited to illness of the trainer that caused an early release, other unforeseen emergencies that prevented the training from being carried out in its entirety, etc.
  6. Provide constructive feedback to colleagues that is considered and helpful.
  7. Avoid all types of behavior unbecoming of the role and position of a trainer.
  8. Not use the training time to conduct the business such as staff meetings,personnel issues, etc.
  9. Strive for continuous professional growth by such procedures as study, research, attending conferences, seminars, and professional meetings.
  10. Ensure that the length of the training is consistent with the number of hours approved (approval is for contact hours only; breaks and meals are not counted toward training hours).
  11. Make the training profession so attractive in ideas and practices that sincere and able young people would feel happy to enter it.
  12. Respect the professional opinion and promote the interest and well-being of the training profession.
  13. Faithfully observe all professional obligations, duties and responsibilities as a trainer and as a professional colleague.
  14. Be punctual in observing timings in and outside the training room.
  15. Ensure that anyone who was not present at the training or missed more than 30 minutes of the training for any reason Will Not receive a certificate and Will Not Be Awarded Credit of the training.
  16. Promote mutual respect among colleagues and safeguard their welfare and genuine interests.
  17. Maintain confidentiality of information related to the participants and colleagues unless disclosure of such information serves a compelling professional purpose or is required by law.
  18. Adhere to this agreement form in order to maintain my status as an approved trainer.
  19. Make sure that all training material used during any program will be the property of CMD.
  20. Be actively involved in knowledge dissemination and new trainer development at CMD.
  21. Not hold back any information that is critical in developing / delivering the training.



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